Hello and welcome!

Welcome to my new blog. Rocking the Suburbs is no more (and was being pretty sporadically updated anyway); I wanted to start this blog because I am still vegan, and support people becoming vegan, but have started to see more of the problems with the way veganism is largely promoted (there is body-shaming, ableist language against people struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental illnesses, completely brushing aside issues of human rights abuses and unjust political systems in the name of promoting veganism, phrases like “everyone can be vegan; it’s easy!” which reflects a privileged position, the list goes on). I see these as barriers to reaching the most people in the most effective way. This is what I hope to accomplish with this blog; getting people to at least consider this. I will be posting videos I’ve made for my YouTube channel, as well as some new writing of mine, and sharing blog posts and videos from other vegans and intersectional activists. So enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Thank you for starting it and talking about how veganism can be AWESOME, but still have lots of problems with racism, sexism, ableism, and more. Good luck and thank you! ❤

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  2. Love, love your story and your approach. There is a real need for intersectional approaches to the vegan conversation and activism. So many people don’t realize that they’re coming from a place of privilege.

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  3. I discovered this Blog after arguing with one of it’s writers. I disagree with most of their points but their content is worth a read if only climb out of your echo chamber.

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  4. Hey, I saw that you left Twitter, and I guess I can’t blame you. I’ve taken a temporary break before, and know of others who’ve left either for a while or for good because the assholes on there just got to be too much. I’m not really much of a Facebook person and haven’t got a Tumblr, but I’ll start following this blog. Hope you’re feeling better.


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